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I paid off $46,514.91 in 20 months and it's easier than you think.

Debt doesn't have to be normal and I work to inspire others to take back control of their money. Through practical strategies that help you reach goals while enjoying today, everyone is capable of breaking free from their money stress.  

Don't look back and think that you should have started sooner, use today to make a lasting change!

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Turning My Debt Into My Purpose

Graduating from undergrad with more than $60,000 of student loan debt is not uncommon. I use my story of avoiding my debt and making minimum payments to inspire others to go after the change they are desperately seeking. 

I'll help your audience understand:

  • We are the only ones that can truly make a change in our life
  • Avoidance leads to prolonging the inevitable
  • Managing our money is a skill that can be mastered at any age
  • The power that comes with taking control of your future

Helping Your 1099 Through the UPS and Downs

If you have a team of 1099 staff you understand the swing their paycheck takes. Some months are good, others not so much. But having your employee understand how to use the high months to prepare for the low will be beneficial to you and your employee. I'll teach your employees how to:

  • budget their income with high and low months
  • save for taxes all year long
  • appreciate the value of flexible work
  • start to think about their 1099 as a business

When your employee understands managing their money throughout the year to prepare for things like for slow months or taxes, they'll see you as their employer as an asset to their life!

Your Life, Your Paycheck

Whether I'm speaking to your employees, attendees to an event or your friends, we've all had these thoughts:

  • I'll pay off that debt once I get a raise
  • I make too much money to be this broke
  • I don't know where all my money goes
  • Debt is just a fact of life

I'm here to break the myths and actually show people how to do more with the money they currently have. Real advice to leave the audience walking away with actionable steps to do more with less by targeting goals, identifying a plan and creating habits that stick.

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