Your Roadmap to Ditching Debt {for good!}

Money isn’t meant to cause stress & debt doesn’t have to be normal

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Tired of Never Having Enough?


If you feel like you’ve never really learned how to manage your money, you’re not alone.

Despite society allowing us to make expensive life decisions, we aren’t taught how to properly manage our money.

How will these student loans affect me in the future?

How much can I afford to spend on house projects?

How the heck do I afford vacation without putting it on a credit card?

58.1% of millennials have less than $10,000 in savings.

39% of Americans would have a hard time covering an unexpected cash expense of just $400.

This course will help you organize your money so that you can cover bills ANNDDD the fun stuff while knowing you’re reaching goals like paying off debt or that annual girls trip.

It’s Time To Enjoy Your Money

Dive into the sections that you need help with most or start from the beginning for a fresh start! 




Learn how to reduce the stress and confusion you have with your money. I’ll teach you how to:

  • Intentionally spend on what matters most to you
  • Save for big expenses
  • Reach your goals
  • Set aside money for the future

It’s time to invest in your financial wellness just as we do with our mind and body.


D.E.S.I.G.N. Your Life We have the power to create a life that includes everything that makes us happy. We'll lay the foundation to knowing where your money is going, where you want it to go and how to plan for the future.


Pay off D.E.B.T. Paying off debt doesn’t happen by accident. Once we understand the debt we have and the amount we owe, we can a create a plan that helps us pay off debt within a timeframe that works for our lives and our income.


S.H.A.R.E. Money with a Spouse Learn how to open up and communicate goals and desires with a partner where both people feel heard and happy with how money is managed and spent.


Know Your W.O.R.T.H. Learn how to change what you believe to be true about money, so that you can create space for forgiveness of past mistakes, understand that money is a source for good and use it as a tool to manifest your dream life.

"Just because your friends and family are in debt doesn’t mean it has to be your destiny. You’re meant for something greater!"

A Course from My Coaching Playbook.


A course combines the knowledge you’ll learn from dozens of lessons with the proven roadmap I used to get out of debt, without the price-point of individual coaching.

If you’re a self-starter and you know this is the time for true change in your life, this course is for you!

You’ll gain immediate access and will be able to start lessons in how to create a budget that works for your life or what debt to pay off first immediately.

Women before you found value in clarity of where to start, what certain things mean and guidance on how to actually do it all.

I'M Kelly.

Most would describe me as someone who’s always chasing something. That’s what lead me to paying off my debt, I needed more.

Society tells us that debt is normal or to live your best life.

And yes, I want that for you, but without a plan it can create finances we didn’t signup for.

Let’s reset the norm and make it ok to talk about debt, how much we make or how much your neighbor pays for cable.

Join me to pay off your debt so that you can live a truly happy life filled with exactly what you love most.

"With two months of serious budgeting I paid off one credit card, two debts and my credit score went up 64 points and is now 644. Thank you so much!! Working with you has helped me with looking at my money and being more thoughtful with it. I appreciate you and this class more than you know!"


"Just wanted to share with you that after a little over A YEAR I finally completed a whole month and stayed on budget!! I couldn't have done it without you, so I just wanted to say thank you!! :)"


"We've paid off $1500 in credit card debt in just 3 months, without making more money. All this because you helped me look at my situation clearly- without the shame and despair that I was used to feeling. You gave us the concrete tools to plan, to set goals, and to see them executed."

Iman + Family



Have you ever found yourself wishing you had more money each month? Wondering where the heck it all went and just wanting to stop the paycheck-to-paycheck grind?

I know I did! And if you’re like me, you’re ready for the change this course can bring into your life.

I’ll help you identify where your money is going, sort out what you want your life to look like and create a spending plan to get you there.

I’ll cover budgeting, how to pay off debt, have better conversations with your spouse and how to truly be ok with past money mistakes.

You’ll build the confidence you need and see that your plan is making a difference in the amount of debt (and cash!) you have!


Everyone’s journey is different. Find the right package for you:



Lifetime Access Price

  • Immediate access to all 4 modules
  • 9+ tools to walk you through lessons
  • Tried and tested roadmap proven to eliminate debt and reduce financial stress
  • Access to all future lessons and tools



All the support!

  • Everything the course includes
  •  3-month coaching program fitting your schedule
  • Weekly lessons and accountability
  • Personalized plan to account for your goals
  • All your questions answered
  • Regular access outside coaching calls


If you aren’t completely satisfied with the Ditch Debt course, let me know within the first 14-days for a full refund. No questions asked.